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Let there be no doubt; you are a special secret of mine and a high priority. I treat each secret as it deserves to be treated, with wondrous delight and shrewd discretion. I am an independent escort in Montreal. I currently completing my studies abroad and travel often back to Montreal. 

Travel is one of my greatest pleasures, I feel no discomfort or resistance to new places, welcoming fresh ideas, entertaining new faces or being exposed to different cultures. I’m the perfect high class companion for a Fly Me To You date, as I am fluent in French, English and Spanish,  every new country is like my second home.

Although young, I am considered a mature escort in Montreal in this regard, for I am the most seasoned in travel. I regard myself a local in Singapore, Mexico, Paris and London, although I always desire to see more internationally. The world is at my feet, as an elite touring escort I am passport ready and I can travel anywhere.

My adventures leave their impression on me, soft as silk, my skin tells the story of every morning I’ve greeted with open arms. Nature has carved my figure into the perfect hourglass with dewdrop breasts and a peachy bottom. I am gifted with an exotic sweet face. My appearance is impeccable, exuding the confidence and sophistication I hold within – but don’t let that first impression fool you. True beauty comes from the inner world and it is felt long after I leave your presence. This is what makes me one of the world’s elite escorts and not just any escort girl in Montreal.

I understand the nature of how intimacy unfolds, and for this reason I naturally appeal towards encounters that involve more time. With more moments to play with, such as those over dinner or across many days, there’s more to be shared. As a companion this allows me the opportunity to unwind the stresses that bog down your vitality, and only then can the true quality and value of every moment be reached.

This is why I choose my encounters carefully, and am one of the best kept secrets out there. Only select gentlemen are privy to my secret life and I do hope you’ll be one of them.

I look forward to your introduction, to learn about you and to be the one who leads you to a unique encounter. It’s my pleasure to be your consort for commitment free satisfaction. Once you have me, and only a real gentleman can, I will be your secret and you will be mine.


Laura xx



Tel: +1 514-210-0400 (txt only)

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