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Introducing you to your up-close and personal travel connoisseur: Laura Fox.


Take my hand and whisk me away, leaving the rest of the world behind.

The world is our oyster, if only you’ll allow it. I’m an expert globetrotter and your secret accomplice for this well-deserved reward of indulgence.


Your imagination is the only limit...


Picture this. You’re overworked, busy and in need of letting off steam. You’ve worked hard for as long as you can remember, and you need an extended break. You’ve earned it. You need a change of scene but with a familiar face, someone to enjoy a new experience with. Someone beautiful, who you can share a laugh with, who listens to you and maybe something more… Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone focusing on your desires and fantasies for once?

Perhaps you don’t have time to arrange such a grand escape just yet. Perhaps you just want the right sort of company to visit you in your home city and have a little escapade. Maybe you’re working abroad and wish to be greeted after an otherwise stressful day with a hug, and a playful partner to take that edge off and unwind. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, every busy professional deserves to get away. It can’t be all work with no play.

These are the sorts of experiences that I’m an expert in creating. While I travel frequently to Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Paris, , London, and New York, there’s so much more I’d love to explore. Invite me to your next destination or allow me to cater a whole holiday itinerary for you. Fly Me To You is perfect for the gentleman who won’t leave anything to chance and who wants a fully bespoke and indulgent experience. This is my area of expertise; I am an international private companion who specializes in secret getaways.

You’ve worked hard enough, now it’s time to relax.
To arrange the perfect break, working holiday or vacation with your new travel companion please get in touch via my contact form.


  • Contact my assistant Josie via the contact form and begin with the when and where. Please ensure your complete screening information is included.

  • 100% of the booking fee is transferred by you.

  • Organise and finalise the itinerary for our exclusive getaway. All accommodation, dining, and leisure activities are to be booked by you, and should you need, my assistant is available to you for help with recommendations & reservations.

  • To ensure I arrive fresh and well-rested for our time together, Business or First class is a requisite for flights longer than two hours.

  • You settle the balance for our date & travel expenses. To ensure the time is set aside for you – 100% of my rate is required, and the travel fees are due prior to our date’s commencement.

  • Wait with anticipation until it’s time for our secret adventure. Be sure to communicate any ideas or desires for our bespoke tryst.


  • Please strive to give at least one week’s notice for all extended dates.

  • A minimum of seven hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

  • Consideration for the personal time needed daily to go to the gym, attend to personal matters and groom.

  • In the event you have sleeping habits that may impact my quality of rest, please ensure a separate bed or room is organised.

  • Note; bespoke arrangements remain my highest priority, and with enough notice I always endeavour to schedule my other life commitments around them.

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